Monday, April 7, 2014

love or fear? :: the "Give Your Dream Wings" blog hop

"How do you give your dream wings?" asks Andrea Schroeder, of the Creative Dream Incubator. I'm honored to share my response as part of her blog hop, celebrating tomorrow's launch of her free new e-course: Give Your Dream Wings. You'll find more information about her course and the blog hop at the bottom of my post.

How do you give your dream wings?

When Sprout magazine was still a blue-sky idea (just a wisp of possibility) over three years ago, my dreams were far from flying. I was so bogged down by fear and doubt that my dreams were stuck in cement.

What if I fail? What if I have no idea what I'm doing? What if I make mistakes? What if nobody wants to work with me? What if nobody wants to read Sprout? What if I have nothing to say?

I've always struggled with anxiety. It's often a scared-little-girl presence in the back of my mind, but when I'm considering a new beginning? Oh. Epic fear. The little-girl-me gets frantic, wringing her hands, wailing that everything will go wrong (probably all at once). I get so stuck in a storm of never-gonna-happens and what-ifs that I become paralyzed.

Even though the dream of Sprout magazine had traveled in my heart since my teens (although it began as a much more dot-matrix vision), this fresh digital possibility scared the daylight out of me. Why? Because it could finally be real.

Sprout wasn't just a dream anymore. It was a calling. An insistence, deep within. A whisper growing loud. A beating beneath my heart.

I knew, in my gut, I was meant for this. I was called to create a gathering of creatives and dreamers of all kinds, celebrating hope and healing in our everyday lives through color, beauty, and meaning. But as this mission grew more insistent in my mind and heart, fear started to sneer. I tried fighting back with everything I could think of: research, planning, brainstorming, scribbling piles and piles of notes. But instead of my dreams growing wings, they were getting more and more stuck.

Fear was a giant, and I was still little-girl me, cowering in the corner.

Finally, a braver voice within--below the fear, below the worry, below the doubt--whispered to me: Are you going to live from love or fear?

Love. Or fear.

What was my motivation in creating Sprout? What would guide me in her creation? Where would I find comfort and support?

Love. Love changes everything.

Suddenly, my what-ifs that had once paralyzed me . . . offered hope and strength:

what if I can bring joy? What if Sprout can speak to other seekers, dreamers, Spirit-breathers? What if we can find sanctuary together--misfits, wanderers, truth-speakers, heart-on-your-sleevers? What if our community of healing will grow and thrive? What if pages of color, beauty, and meaning will change lives? What if Sprout can whisper love in our ears?

Love. Love. Love.

Love became the heartbeat of what I do. Love is the why, the when, the how, the where, the who, the what of Sprout--and of me, the way I want to walk in this world. With you.

As Sprout's thirtieth issue nears release, my dreams--my blue-sky beaming, my passion, my calling--finally have wings.

The community I dreamed of is thriving and expanding every day. I've been honored to work with creative peers, mentors, and even people whom I've followed and admired for years (including Andrea Schroeder, in her delightfully fear-busting Thrive interview in our Possibility issue). Every month, we gather within the vibrant pages of Sprout to cultivate goodness in our lives (like courage, authenticity, and surrender) . . . and we meet, too, off the pages (including Facebook and Instagram), carrying Sprout's mission of hope and healing into and through our daily lives. One dear reader recently told me that she prints Sprout's pages and collages pieces to rocks and driftwood, leaving bits of artful hope at campsites throughout her travels.

If I'd let fear win, I would have missed this magical mission coming to life--living, breathing life, filled with love and hope and kinship and healing.

Dear one, what dreams beat beneath your heart? What whispers are growing loud?

As you lean into embracing your holy yes--the dreams that make you come alive--ask yourself: are you centering yourself on love or fear?

Choose love, dear one, and you . . . and your precious dream . . . will fly.

With deep love and respect,


The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop is a peek inside the process of how inspiring people make the magic happen. We've got some of the internet's most inspiring bloggers sharing how they give their dreams wings - what they do that supports, nurtures and encourages their tender dreams to come to life.

This is happening in celebration of the new e-course of the same name by Andrea Schroeder of the Creative Dream Incubator. The Give Your Dream Wings e-course shows you how to nurture and grow YOUR dream, for free, in only 10 minutes a day. You do not have to wait until you have more time or money!

Click here to find out about the free e-course, and to read the other (crazy inspiring!) posts in this Blog Hop.


Joy said...

When this is our motivation *Love became the heartbeat of what I do.* we can't help *but* fly! Your energy and message is enriching - thank you for the affirmation!

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Joy, I'm so glad this post spoke to you. Thank you for connecting with me.

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