Thursday, February 23, 2012

creativity that saves: Thanksgiving Thursday

Fresh out of Christine Mason Miller's webinar Desire to Inspire: Inspirational Character Study, I'm glowing with gratitude--

for Christine . . .

for creativity that saves, soothes, stirs my soul . . .

for the brave ones,
the artists and writers and explorers and dreamers
who share their journey with us--
and who invite us to leap beyond comfort and "safety" . . .
into the full, multi-colored, multi-layered,
soulful, joyful, passionate life

we were born to embrace.

(working on my inspiration deck
inspired by Christine's new book)

Need some inspiration in your daily life? Christine's book is an amazing place to start.

Sprout, too, strives to uplift and inspire you--right where you are, finding beauty and meaning in the everyday mundane.

(And . . . I can't keep the secret any longer . . . the lovely Christine Mason Miller? Yes, the one--artist, writer, explorer . . . creator of Swirly. The one and only. She's the subject of Sprout's next THRIVE interview! I'm still pinching myself, but it's oh so real. I can't wait to share her thoughts in the creativity issue, releasing March 15. What a dream come true!)

Where do you find inspiration?

Sprout is OUT! Sprout, my new online magazine, strives to uplift and inspire by cultivating color, beauty, and meaning in our daily lives. Issue 1 asks: what would happen if we faced every day with a spirit of celebration? Click here to visit Sprout's home base.


Elizabeth said...

You inspire me to be more creative (or at least to want to be more creative)! I'm so thankful for you!

Bonita Rose said...

can't wait to read her interview... u go girl! xo hugs