Sunday, July 20, 2014

worry & wonder: the road trip edition

Sometimes having an active imagination really sucks.

Like when you can imagine any possible problem, fault, failure. When you sink into anxiety, settled deep and deeper when worries press your shoulders down down down.

But this, too, is part of my journey--as someone who has battled anxiety her whole life. Learning to embrace the mess, the muck, the far-less-than-perfect. And find beauty, somehow, right here. To cling to blessing.

Because, this, too, is true: good is here. Now. Yes, even while anxiety swirls (some merited, some not). Yes, even when stress pimples break out on my face, when extra pounds from comfort eating weigh heavy, even when I snap and grump and am less than loving. Less than I want to be.

Because here is all I have. Here is healing, when I lean gently into trust, like the sunflowers somehow blooming in my yard, even though they sag every day from heat and who knows what . . . but they lean, lean, lean, and bloom, bloom, bloom anyway.

And the worry and wonder,
as always, mingle: the grace and grit,
the yes in the mess.

Tomorrow morning my beloved and I take off on a road trip--the longest we'll have been away from home in seven years. (Thanks, Ma, for house-and-kitty-sitting!)

Oh, how we need this time away. Together.

Even as I worry--needlessly--that we will forget something, that we'll break down on the way, that Something Terrible Will Happen--oh my goodness, I know the truth: all that matters is that we will be together. My best friend. And me. Windows down, music on, endless road unspooling before us. And all, all will be well.

And part of the anxiety? It's simply this--I need time to press pause, to step away, to breathe fresh air, to thirsty-sponge this gorgeous world we live in. Time to be.

And so, tomorrow, we roll out.
And I breathe a sigh of relief, of gratitude, of yes.

I am thinking of you, too, dear one,
on your own travels--whether across the world
or in your backyard. And I think of our vulnerabilities,
our tender spots, our hurts and healings. And I remember:
love, love, love is enough. All will be well. All will be well.

Sending you so much love
and endless skies,


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

tiptoe or dance

Some days it's all in the allowing.
Surrendering. Letting go.
L o o s e n i n g my white-knuckle grip
& choosing trust instead.
In fact,
I'm pretty sure that's true
most days.
"Take a risk and things
might turn out bad
but that's life . . .
do not tiptoe,
but rather dance
through this life,
this life, this life . . .
we must find a way
to truly live
each day . . ."
--Dan Garnett, "Find a Way"

Oh, friend,
what if we dared
not to tiptoe
but to dance?

Will you join me?

with love & light,
Sprout's creator,
editor, & chief gatherer of good

Friday, June 27, 2014

LIGHThearted :: a blessing

The divine, I think, is everywhere--
and it often whispers me awake
most easily
with communion in the sun.

Here, it's easy to feel lifted.
Held. Protected. Illuminated.

Gracekissed. Loveswept.

May we be.

I recently shared this blessing on Sprout's Facebook page. Let's bask in it again, okay?
May we be LIGHThearted today: lifting grateful faces like flowers to the sun, blinking sleep from our eyes to find the startling radiance of our lives. So much good is waiting only to be noticed. So much healing needs only an invitation. Let Go. Open your palms. Accept. May our hearts be {light}.

With love and light,
(Sprout magazine's creator, editor,
& chief gatherer of good)

I wanna see you glow
I wanna see your daylight
shining all around your heart"
--Donavon Frankenreiter, "Glow"


Oh, friend, come find your glow with us in Sprout magazine's pages. When we nurture what matters, we thrive. And here in Sprout? We cultivate beauty and blessing in our everyday lives. Every day. Won't you join us?