Sunday, August 31, 2014

give Love rise: a blessing

A blessing for this day
{all days}:

In our thoughts, words, and actions:
may we let Love lead.

When we feel lost, when we need protection,
when we fear we are alone:
may Love be our guiding force,
our saving grace, our companion in the deep.

Wherever we are led,
whatever we are called to do:
may we give Love rise.

Wherever and whenever our feet kiss earth,
may our footfalls echo
Love, Love, Love.

With grace & gratitude
on this Sunday,
{your fellow seeker}

PS: We are companions in the wandering way. Have you joined us in Sprout: Wander yet? We're reaching out our hands, friend. You are so welcome with us.

Friday, August 29, 2014

movie recommendation: "The Way"

This month at Sprout magazine, we celebrate the seeker's spirit. Our theme? WANDER.

"Erase your map of shoulds. Leave behind your tattered schedules and careful plans. Embrace instead the unexpected. Make room for sacred surprise."

And the perfect movie to enrich our wandering, our seeking, our reckless hope?

Emilio Estevez's "The Way."

This heartfelt movie follows Martin Sheen's character as he walks the Camino de Santiago, following the death of his son (played by Emilio, real-life kin). Tom's pilgrimage begins in honor of his son (who was killed only one day into the trek), but evolves into a much deeper journey of healing and growth. Along the way, Tom somehow gathers a group of misfit companions, despite his best efforts to push them away, and together they redefine what it means to be family.

See a trailer here:

"The Way" depicts a literal pilgrimage, but as we discover in Sprout: Wander, our journeys of exploration can include spiritual and emotional, as well.

Lacy Clark Ellman of A Sacred Journey discusses both kinds of pilgrimage in Sprout: Wander's Thrive featured interview. She helps us apply her "pilgrim principles" at home, abroad, and everywhere in between. She says, "The wanderer is hidden within each one of us. Our journey is waiting."

Have you watched "The Way"? I'd love to hear your thoughts. And what does pilgrimage mean to you? Have you ever considered a pilgrimage of the heart, or a literal walk to sacred places? (Of course, if you are familiar with Sprout and me at all, you know I believe e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e is sacred; some places simply take a deeper look.)

Friend, I am so glad to journey with you.
We are seekers. We are wanderers.
And we, we are family . . . on the way.

With gratitude,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the wandering way

Yesterday, my beloved and I hopped onto our cherry red motorcycle and took off toward the horizon. We rolled deep into the Black Hills. Our companions? Ponderosa pine. Hawks, buzzards, swallows. Endless curves. Red barns, nestled into valleys and meadows. Roadside sunflowers, daisies, unknown hazes of blue and purple. Clouds like skyscrapers, tall and thick. Fellow bikers, returning our hand signal (a low wave, typically an upside-down peace sign or simply a hand out, indicating an unspoken kinship--we share the road, the passion, the understanding). And the highway, curving on and on.

We wander to escape worry. We wander to breathe freely again, under open sky, part of a world larger than us and our problems. We wander to connect with each other, our community at large, our sacred land. We wander to release, relax, renew.

We wander to remember
all will be well.

We wander to be present,
here, now,
in the ache
and in the relief.
Grace, grief, mingled. Mixed.

We wander.

Will you wander with us, friend?

With love,

Choose the winding way with us
a life-affirming celebration
of the openhearted way.
Friends, my father has undergone a difficult heart surgery. My brother has set up a fundraiser to help defray the considerable costs. If you feel so led, would you help spread the word and/or donate? Thank you. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sprout online magazine: WANDER

Erase your map of shoulds. Leave behind your tattered schedules and careful plans. Embrace instead the unexpected. Make room for sacred surprise. 

Un-wall yourself with Sprout: Wander, where we release rigid control and choose instead the holy ease of openhearted living.

Wander with us, losing and finding your way on the divine path of serendipity (only $6 for sixty full-color pages):
Issue 34 (Wander) $6:

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We develop a seeker's spirit. We answer the call of adventure in everyday life. We follow signposts of wonder and what-if. We gather traveling companions who enliven, encourage, enlighten. We turn down unfamiliar paths and intriguing side streets. We tell stories like treasures. We follow the winding way, guided by grace and whimsy.

Oh, friend, let Sprout: Wander be your companion in delight. In these sixty color-drenched, heart-full pages, we sing songs of celebration, compassion, and redemption. We speak in vibrant artwork, scribbled love notes from me to you, heart-galloping poetry, intimate interviews, brave prose, passionate prompts, and more (all in PDF instant download).

". . . the wanderer is hidden within each one of us. Our journey is waiting for us, right here--we just have to choose to set off on the path . . ." --Lacy Clark Ellman (A Sacred Journey), Thrive feature interview, page 29

Wander with Lacy Clark Ellman in her insightful Thrive interview, exploring pilgrimage at home and abroad. Seek shelter and sobriety with Brandy Walker in a hole-in-the-wall bookstore. Travel back to summer nights "and the long country roads to nowhere, and back" with poet Hannah Marshall. Celebrate the brave color-splash and ink-scratch of our Sprout kindred in interactive features, sharing peeks into their creative practices, and offering favorite places to wander. And much more.

"Just me
and the moon,
stirring up this bold bright sky . . ."
--De Jackson, "Meanderings," page 6

Wander (Sprout online magazine's 34th issue) overflows with life-affirming features, including:

+ 60 full-color pages (PDF instant download)
+ original mixed media painted backgrounds
+ handwritten love notes from me to you
+ art, photography, poetry, essays, prompts, interviews
+ interactive features honoring our #sproutmag gathering (celebrating messy joy, simple goodness in our everyday life, & artistic exploration)
+ creative prompts to cultivate gentle growth in everyday life
+ Amanda Fall: creator, editor, publisher (otherwise known as: gatherer and curator of delight, co-conspirator of joy, dream-believer & heart-on-her-sleever)

Guests in this issue:

Lacy Clark Ellman (A Sacred Journey), Brandy Walker, Joseph Murphy, Beth Pastore, Hannah Marshall, Beth Morey, De Jackson, Natasha Reilly, michelle gd, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, and Maureen Helms Blake

Thrive interview series: Lacy Clark Ellman (A Sacred Journey)
Community Garden: Beth Morey, Beth Pastore, and Brandy Walker

"I settle into her former seat, Mom at the helm, and I think I catch a hint of Marge's favorite Sand & Sable perfume. We cast our seeking gaze on the same endless roads and pastures and her beloved canyon, traveling companions in this life and beyond . . ." --Amanda Fall, my story, page 20

   Sprout is designed to uplift & inspire,
celebrating hope & healing even among life's bumps & bruises.

May these love-filled pages bless you. 

"Bookstores heal. Libraries are salve to my soul. Ten years ago, I was an addict living in a shadowland. I wanted to let go of the vices that grasped me, but I didn't know where to begin. I had numbed my emotions for so long, I was terrified they would consume me the moment I sobered up . . ."
--Brandy Walker, "They Read Me," page 37

Purchase your copy here:
Issue 34 (Wander) $6:

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